Winery Spotlight: Black Star Farms

Old Mission Peninsula in TC

We all know Michigan is in a unique spot geographically – we’re shaped like a mitten, home to the freshwater Great Lakes – not to mention our kick ass terroir for producing some deliciously superb wine! And I’m talking most varietals here, not just your sweet, fruit-forward wines or purely dry reds or whites. We have quite the mixture of grape and fruit varietals and I firmly believe our great state could give those other “big time” producing wine regions (ahem…Cali & France) a run for their money (or spend less of ours and still  drink great wine)! #supportmichiganwineries

Don’t get me wrong, I love wine from just about anywhere but sometimes we have to toot our own horns a bit, eh? That brings me to my favorite winery in Michigan – one I’ve been a wine club member of for about three years now – a magical Michigan wine producer that others are catching onto:

Black Star Farms, located (where else?) in Traverse City!

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BSF is located on the quainter peninsular: Old Mission. This is where I first had my taste of their delicious varietals at their Old Mission Tasting Room and honestly, first started to appreciate the wines that are produced in Michigan.

BSF Old Mission Tasting Room (Photo courtesy of

Something I truly appreciate about BSF is their commitment to farm-to-table (they have an amazing Inn on the Leelanau peninsular with their own farm) and describe themselves as, “An Agricultural Destination” which describes the bigger picture and everything that goes along with the whole wine-making process (plus they have delicious food and lots of events). But don’t just take my word for it – check out mLive’s article of the top 10 best wineries in Michigan. Guess who’s at that top?

BLACK STAR FARMS. That’s what’s up.

I especially enjoy the Pinot Noirs that come from BSF and most everything from their Arcturos collection.

11PINOTNOIR BSF also creates spirits and you can find a ton of their wine at local        distributors – check their list here.

 Seriously, do yourselves a favor and take a trip up to TC and do a tour of  Old Mission, BSF’s many tasting rooms (TC Cherry Festival is this  weekend!) and at the very least go pick yourself up a bottle and try it at  home!

Oh…did I forget to say: Happy Wine Down Wednesday! #winedownwednesdays #drinkmiwine #cheers



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