Well House GR, Downtown Market, Plants & Farmers

Happy Saturday morning on this long, Memorial Day weekend, GR. The things I wanted to shout out about today are actually going on right now (or close to right now)!

It’s May, the weather may not be very consistent but it at least has stayed mostly warm enough for us to plant our newest additions to our gardens or start a garden and pot up a bunch of herbs and baby plants and cascade them on our stoops (I have major neighbor envy about this – lets just say: goals). Whatever your gardening habits are there is one sale going on starting at 10am this morning – The 3rd Annual Well House Heirloom Plant Sale you don’t want to miss!

Photo Courtesy of Well House GR’s Facebook page


Apparently – this third year sale is also three times as big – more baby veggie and herb plants for us! The great thing about this event, all of the proceeds go back to The Well House GR for their food growing efforts. Well House is an amazingly strong spirited organization, helping to get out local homeless population off the streets and into proper housing that their members and volunteers fix up.

The other event happening RIGHT now is the opening day of the Downtown Market Farmers market! The outdoor market opens at 9am and runs until 3pm on Saturdays.

Image Courtesy of downtownmarketgr.com


Fulton Street Farmers Market has been open since the first weekend of May if you haven’t had a chance to check it out (open from 8am-3pm today).
What a fresh start to the weekend! Don’t forget to hashtag if you visit either of these today and your Memorial Day adventures! #grabgr



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