Weekend Radar: Independence Day in the Mitten

Well, happy Friday to all you 9 to 5-ers out there – I sincerely hope you were able to wear jeans today! I mean, this is America’s birthday after all and we ‘Mericans love our blue jeans (cue Lana del Rey, “Blue Jeans” or one of her many culturally American tunes.)

I’m sure you have the whole weekend planned out to a solid T (am I right, or is this just me?) but I wanted to cover some really awesome Independence Day happenings that are on my radar for the 4th that you may or may not know about!

Obviously, fireworks are going to be on everyone’s radar because there really is no better way to showcase our excessively large American egos than enormous, loud and colorful booms in the big ole nighttime sky!

Best Fireworks spots on Saturday:

  • Downtown GR celebrating our nation’s birthday with the Amway Family Fireworks. If you haven’t done this yet – I highly recommend it!
  • Any lakeshore town in West Michigan – unobstructed views of sparkly and magical fireworks cascading over Lake Michigan!
  • Check out GRNow’s fireworks guide to see where the best will fireworks will be happening in your area!

Best event to checkout this weekend: 
The national Traverse City Cherry Festival starts this weekend on Saturday! If you’re around the TC area or looking something to do this weekend, you must check out the jam packed festival with events, concerts and an the best part – the arts and crafts fair this Sunday (I’m talking like 300 vendors here)!

  • A must see local designer at the arts and crafts fair in TC is Susan from Hazelmade.   She designs and creates the most adorable illustrated paper and home goods, creates custom invitations and sells products in wholesale – whatever your needs, she’s got you covered! She’s also an amazing person to have a conversation with so please check her out this weekend and say hello! If you can’t make it, she’s at the Fulton Street Farmers markets on Wednesdays, has an amazing online shop and her products can be found at: Have Company, 625 Paper and the UICA gift shop in GR. Check out her Instagram while you’re at it! 😉

Best shops to stock up on supplies: 

  • The Local Epicurean has a ton of products 1/2 off for the holiday weekend like $8 Chardonnay and chocolate covered strawberries! Hurry – they’re open till 6pm today and closed for the weekened. 
  • The Downtown Market – Need I say more? Go get your meats, seafood, cheeses and gourmet popcorn and impress your family and friends with how great it all is! 
  • Brewery Vivant – So many cans of Belgian brews to choose from for the holiday! I suggest snagging today’s special release of the mango & pineapple Tropical Saison – cans are 20% off today only! #havebeerwilltravel #beachbrews

No matter what you do this weekend, there are so many options! Check out your local parade, open up a craft cold one and eat a hot dog! Enjoy your 4th and let me know what’s on your radar! 

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