Happy Cinco de Mayo, GR!

We may be a long way from Mexico up here in the Mitten, but that does not mean we lack for a taste south of the U.S. border. And because we are Grand Rapidians, we like to do it up craft and artisan style.

There’s nothing more that I love than making myself a fine, craft margarita from scratch or perhaps a michelada depending upon my mood but there are also plenty of fine establishments that serve up a mean, fresh squeezed marg!

Classic marg all the way!


One of my all time favorite places to go is a stones throw away from mi casa: Donkey Taqueria on Wealthy street.  Seriously, if you love Mexican dishes that are of an awesome quality and craft tequila cocktails (plenty of marg choices, people) you need to check this place out. If you feel like drooling at work during the day in anticipation of visiting, they post a ton of delicious pictures of their creations on Facebook and Instagram (@donkeytaqueria).

Photo courtesy of Donkey Taqueria’s Facebook page

However you decide to get your marg and taco on today – don’t forget to share and tag #grabgr and #cincodemayoGR !



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