The BOB now offers Gilmore Wine Club

It’s once again the middle of the week, hump day, halfway through the grind and my favorite thing to say – it’s Wine Down Wednesday! 

And what’s a girl gotta do to get half off a glass of wine? Well – thankfully, not much in GR today – all of the Gilmore Collection restaurants have been offering this deal pretty much since they’ve been open. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know very well one of my favorite places to wine down is the big house on Lake Drive – Mangiamo. Check out the Gilmore’s website for a list of all their restaurants to see where you can wine down. And when you’re out on a Wednesday, you never know what other establishments or restaurants may be offering this deal – doesn’t hurt to ask! 

If you can’t make it out to do some wine down time, then why not have it come to you? Great news – The Bob is now offering: The Gilmore Wine Club! 

Membership ($25 Silver / $50 Gold) includes 2 hand-picked bottles of major label wine monthly at up to 50% below retail pricing. Memberships will also have access to other select wines at similar pricing each month. (Wine, yes please!) 

You can purchase wine club memberships at The Bob or you can call 616.356.2000 for more details. 

May’s lineup for wines are looking pretty great – the Silver membership has a peppery Shiraz (my fave red) and a Red blend and the Gold Membership has a Sauvignon Blanc (my fave white) and a juicy Cabernet. Well, I think it’s safe to say I will be joining this club

Hope you all have enjoyed your Wine Down Wednesday and I hope you consider checking this local, monthly wine club out! 




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