Thanksgiving Eve Bar Night in GR

Good evening, GR!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, today we finished up an early day (hopefully that’s true for everyone), we are out of work midweek and what other better reason to celebrate than some pre-Thanksgiving libations!  No matter what your Thanksgiving Eve style is, there’s definitely a few places on my radar tonight to enjoy some pre-family cocktails.

Stellas Thanksgiving Eve Dance Party

Anywhere you end up tonight – there is definitely fun to be had! I mean, we have the day off tomorrow, right!? What better way to kick off the holidays than enjoy Thanksgiving Eve out or even a night at home before visiting family tomorrow? Oh, and it is #winedownwednesday people! Any Gilmore restaurant and Graydon’s Crossing are guaranteed to have 1/2 wine by the glass!

Stay safe if you do go out tonight (Uber is amazing if you haven’t downloaded the app yet) and don’t forget to #grabgr and tag GrabGR in your photos on Instagram!

Happy Thanksgiving, GR!



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