Pieces of Me // Custom Cuff Launch 6.29.16

A couple months ago, browsing through the Farmgirl Flea Market in Hudsonville – I discovered a very cool, local West Michigan vendor – Engage Studio. The founder, Elsa Vogel – is a Jill of all trades: an entrepreneur (already having started her own design business), graphic designer and creator of amazing metalwork jewelry under her brand, Pieces of Me.

Pieces of Me is all about expressing who you are as an individual. POM desires to empower individuals by building their self-confidence. Their products give you a reminder to stay true to yourself every day. POM has 30 different icon designs that each represent a specific personality trait. The first product launched earlier this year, a metal stamped cuff bracelet.

The Adventurous trait gold tone cuff bracelet

I love wearing metal and feel fantastic when I am wearing something unique – gives me a little extra pep in my step. That being said – I am thrilled to tell you that today, POM is taking the metal stamped cuff bracelets to the next level – Custom Cuffs. Now, shoppers can select multiple personality traits and create their own customized cuff, because we all don’t define ourselves in just one trait, right? 

Find out which traits suit you to design the perfect, custom cuff!

TODAY ONLY – you can shop using the offer code: SUMMERDEALS to receive 10% off your order. You can check out the full jewelry line of POM here and read more about the history behind the designs and some awesome stories on the POM blog.

An example of a brass custom cuff bracelet

Check out the POM Instagram, go like it on Facebook and go buy yourself some localized product and seriously, check out these custom cuffs and wear your personality! 

As always, thanks for reading! #grabgr





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