Negroni Week 2015

Grand Rapids is participating in another exciting event to give back to local charities by fueling our cocktail fire with Negroni Week 2015! This is the first time GR has participated in the week long event which started yesterday and runs through this Sunday, June 1. 

The Grand Rapids Cocktail Guild are heading this creative boozy week and are working together with 33  local businesses to give their selected charities equal amounts of funds raised from patrons enjoying the Negroni concoctions (not just limited to cocktails)! Check out the full list of participants and browse more info here.  

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I’m most excited to try the espresso Negroni inspired drinks from Madcap (pictured above). Or perhaps a prosecco version over at Aperitivo or keep it classic with a Negroni made with New Holland spirits at Reserve. The choices, the choices! 

What will you try this week!?




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