National Margarita Day 2016, yay! 

In case you didn’t know, today is National Margarita Day and I think that warrants for a yay (especially since it’s a Monday). I’m not even intentionally rhyming here but I don’t even care – the margs are worth it. 😉 

I’m the first one that is down for some homemade margs at the casa but there are a couple awesome places that are celebrating today that I’m sure you’ve been to, heard me rave about, read about or you haven’t and that’s great – new places! 

First up to sip some delightfully diverse margaritas is my favorite in Uptown: Donkey Taqueria.    It is not uncommon to find me here or see how I can finagle a friend or two into meeting here to catch up. Today they are celebrating by offering special margarita concoctions that aren’t normally on the menu, margarita flights and perhaps some sombreros and sunglasses too! Be sure to stop by before close (10pm) to try out your next favorite marg (and you can’t go wrong with some chips and quac too). 

Next place in mind would be the new kid on the block on Ionia: Luna GR.   Luna has a similar feel to Donkey, bringing the Latin food vibes to the heart of downtown but they are definitely unique and worth your time to visit. They are offering 1/2 off ALL MARGARITAS today; including some delicious margarita flights (see mouthwatering picture above). 

Now, if you don’t like margaritas (that sucks for you, send ’em my way please) both restaurants offer other tasty libations and grub that are worth the trip out. 

Don’t forget to @grabgr and #grabgr on Instagram for all your Grand Rapids adventures and Happy Monday margarita time (oh, and maybe alternate with water as I do not want to be blamed for any hangovers on Tuesday 😁). #DrinkResponsibly 




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