Love (and support) your neighborhood

Happy Earth Day, GR!

I’m sure we are all wishing for a fully sunny day like last Saturday, but nonetheless today is a celebration of our beautiful planet and it is still April in the Mitten.

However you choose to celebrate the earth on the daily or if you don’t stop and appreciate it enough – today is the day to do so. Michigan is abundant with nature’s most gorgeous elements and it would be a shame not to take care of the place you call home. So, whether you reside here or elsewhere, get your hippie dippie on today (no judgment – promise) or make it a regular action item.

A great organization to get back to earth’s roots in GR is the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC). They host Rain Barrel Workshops, volunteer events and opportunities for advocacy; as well as provide membership opportunities to those interested.

This Saturday, the Eastown Community Association is hosting their Community Garden Work Day to garden plots around their neighborhoods. Anyone can help!

I think a great way to love your hood is get outside and enjoy it. Take a walk or bike around to experience and discover new details or places you may not have noticed otherwise.

Another great way is to host or attend a “family dinner” with your closest friends and perhaps new people too. My friend and neighbor does this on a monthly rotating basis and it really is the best! Enjoy some comfort food and local sips – whatever you enjoy most (maybe try it al fresco?)

Some other highlights / ways to enjoy GR this weekend:

  • Made in Michigan Day in East Hills this Saturday – enjoy supporting local shops and restaurants in the Cherry, Lake and Diamond trifecta. (Personal favorite filled with Michigan swag by the corner of Lake and  Robinson: Rebel Reclaimed.)
  • Blue Door Antiques Vintage Garden Show this Saturday and Sunday:

Photo Courtesy of Blue Door Antiques

  • Museum Free for All on Sunday! Get in line early to your first choice – lines tend to be long but it’s FREE.

However you choose to support and love your neighborhood, take pride in it!



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