Hudsonville Ice Cream’s Tiger Traxx Kickoff

Hudsonville Ice Cream has been a beloved, West Michigan-based brand since 1926, creating genuine goodness and putting smiles on faces with their locally sourced, mouth-watering real ice cream. Hudsonville crafts over 50 flavors; including limited edition flavors like the Detroit Tigers official ice cream: Tiger Traxx – vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered salty pretzel baseballs and a ripple of thick chocolate fudge. Tiger Traxx production officially kicked off a couple weeks ago with the help of some the Detroit Tigers players and I had the opportunity to witness it all!

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Hamden (HIC)

I had the best time venturing out to the creamery headquarters in Holland, MI and was super impressed with the production facility, the quality of the ice cream and most of all, the effort and passion that goes into each batch. It definitely shows through to the end product! When you enjoy your ice cream, you want it to be of the highest caliber – rich, creamy, knowing the ingredient sources (and being able to read the ingredients for that matter) and Hudsonville perfects all of these aspects with the customer in mind. #colormeimpressed

During the family-friendly event, there were so many fun things to participate in – for one, smiling from ear to ear while licking your ice cream spoon after a couple scoops, tasting the creamery’s take on breakfast (waffles, whipped cream and of course, vanilla ice cream), a hilarious photo-booth that took slow motion action shots (I found this particularly funny when watching the Tigers players participate), enjoying some music beats playing by DJ AB, and viewing of the Tigers players helping to create the first batches of Tiger Traxx.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Hamden (HIC)

Tigers players helping with Tiger Traxx. Photo courtesy of Rachel Hamden (HIC)

A few Tigers players goofing off in the photo booth.


After the event, I went on a private tour of the facility and learned so much about the production, sourcing and how much work goes into creating the perfect combination of milk, cream and sugar. Some interesting facts from my tour:

  • The milk used at the creamery is sourced from 10 local farms within a 40 mile radius of the factory.
  • One of the key ingredients in ice cream is Air.
  • Hudsonville Ice Cream started in Hudsonville, MI in the late 1800’s.
  • All ingredients are sourced from local artisans.
  • No antibiotics are used in the milk – Michigan law actually prohibits this.

Tiger Traxx is a scrumptious flavor (I enjoyed a couple helpings) and I think it’s a fun play on the “traxx” style of ice cream while incorporating our state’s baseball team. You can expect to find the ice cream on shelves in early spring and you can definitely find it at the ballpark in the upcoming spring/summer months. Hudsonville’s website also has a really neat “Scoop Locator” feature so you can look up what stores carry the ice cream flavor you are looking to purchase.

Tiger Traxx – photo courtesy of Rachel Hamden (HIC)

I want to thank Hudsoville Ice Cream for having me out to such a fun, informational and tasty event! I can’t wait to buy this ice cream this spring and enjoy it with family and friends. What’s your favorite Hudsonville flavor and memory while enjoying the tasty treat?

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