Hit me vintage market, one more time!

Striding through the Downtown Market  Sunday, ogling the delicious cakes, pies and endless cookies at Sweetie-licious, I spotted a flyer devoted purely to the advertisement of one more Vintage Street Market day!

Naturally, I could not be more excited! Do you know what this means, Grand Rapids vintage and antique lovers? One more day this year – in the beautiful, crisp Autumn nonetheless – to wet your vintage appetite for old pyrex dishes and rusty unicorn swings (that would be a sight, wouldn’t it?); to gaze at woodworking mixed with metal so seamlessly you can’t even imagine how it was made and all the while strolling effortlessly under the canopy of the outdoor market space sipping a Pumpkin Pie latte from Simpatico (which are amazing by the way).

Vintage Market with people

Courtesy of Vintage Street Market GR

Well, my friends…I can tell you that this Saturday, October 12th from 10am-4pm is not a day to be missed! If you couldn’t make it out at all this past May through September, now is your chance!


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