Grand Rapids Garage Bar – Block Party Wednesdays!

Photo courtesy of Grand Rapids Garage Bar's Facebook page

Hey GR – just wanted to do a quick shout out to the Grand Rapids Garage Bar who hosts a block party every Wednesday night through the summer! I love a good block party – especially one laden with booze, music and good vibes!

Grand Rapids Garage Bar Wednesday night block party

GRGB has been open since 2014 and is a self-proclaimed “no bullshit” kind of bar: they  know how to run a good party! The building itself has been host to taverns and bars since  the mid-1950’s on Ottawa Ave. by the Belknap Lookout downtown. You can read all  about their story here or check out their Facebook.

You know I am a #winedownwednesday kind of gal and they have a 2-3-4 deal always   going on:$2 Draft, a $3  Well Drink, and a $4 Glass of Wine! My Wednesday nights  just  got a little bit sweeter, or dangerously cheap – whatever you want to call it! 😉

Seriously, this happens every Wednesday so let’s give it a go! Let me know how your  GRGB block party Wednesdays go and don’t forget to find me on Instagram (if you  haven’t already) and #grabgr for all of your #GRGBblockparty pics!

Happy Wednesday, GR!



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