GrabGR Holiday Gift Guide 

It seems like this Thanksgiving weekend just flew by – lots of food, family, friends and some shopping! Since gift giving season is upon us – now sooner than ever – there may still be some or a lot of shopping on your list (whether it’s for others or yourself – hopefully, you don’t forget to shop for the latter.)

I am so pumped to share with you all some extra deals for this holiday season – the first ever GrabGR Holiday Gift Guide – curated by me! I wanted to develop a list of local, unique gifts and services that I love and use and feel extra good about sharing with you.

GrabGR Holiday Gift Guide 

This set is the cutest, funniest (and hey – coasters are practical) gift you could give just about anyone!

I love how these coasters can start a conversation and make such a memorable gift. And the best part – starting now through the month of December, you can use my code: FLIPFORGRABGR at checkout on the website for free shipping on your order!

The Instagram for these coasters is pretty rad and so is the talented, local artist behind the product – Laura VanWylen – check out all her amazing projects too!


Photo courtesy of Doorganics GR

Photo courtesy of Doorganics GR

I cannot express how much I appreciate the quality, effort and customer service that this company accomplishes to delivery my produce bin weekly. I look forward to my fresh veggies and feel good about consuming organic, locally sourced food.Photo courtesy of Doorganics GR

There are multiple bins you can choose from that vary in size and price accordingly (and there’s even an office fruit only bin – perfect for a work delivery!) – you can stop and start up your bin at any time, with no extra cost.

Yes, I am serious – it’s amazing. They offer gift certificates which would be the perfect way to help that family member in the Western Michigan area who’s been curious about Doorganics to start their bin or sign yourself up!

ageless beauty logoAgeless Beauty is the first skin spa to offer both certified organic and traditional skin care treatments in West Michigan. They have a variety of services available from hair removal to facials to massages and you can even book Friday night Spa parties with your friends (um, best holiday gift ever!?)

For the month of December, the salon will be offering a classic facial and spa pedicure- for $99 (a $115 value). A great gift for that special someone in need of pampering!

You can also contact Nikki, mention GrabGR and she will let you know what kinds of promotions she can offer you. If you’ve been looking for a new skin salon in GR – this place is it!

There are endless gift ideas in GR and plenty of options to keep the gift giving local – like Boxed GR, offering their own unique, locally curated gifts to your doorstep (they have some great holiday boxes too) or Michigan Awesome – a host of state pride merchandise making it a great spot to get a gift for everyone!

I hope you enjoyed what I selected for the GrabGR Holiday Gift Guide! Let me know what local gifts are on your list. 🙂

Happy shopping!



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