GR Reads: Bookworms unite!

Were you a bookworm as a child? Or, maybe you discovered your love for reading later on in life? Conversely – maybe you are looking for a reason to pick up a good book, enjoy that glass of wine I know you were dreaming about today (happy #winedownwednesday everyone!) and experience and ponder the escapism that reading brings us.

Well, the Grand Rapids Public Library has brought the GR Reads 2015 summer reading series geared towards the adult readers who wish they could have a customized list of books to read in the summer like their kids (or like me, who just loves an organized way to keep my reading on track).

Technically, this series started June 1 but goes through August 31 so there is plenty of time to complete the ten book list GRPL has hand-picked! They have a theme of connectedness this summer and I think it is a wonderful theme to play off of; especially in the summer when we feel more connected with the spaces we live in, the people we share it with and the Michigan nature we appreciate in the warmer months.

I am most excited about book number 10 on the list – Tell Me Where It Hurts: A Day of Humor, Healing and Hope in My Life as an Animal Surgeon but the whole list looks very interesting!

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GRPL has also teamed up with 27 community partners to bring 33 events that coincide with the GR Reads summer series. Some of these have passed but there are plenty left to check out!

I am going to try my hardest to read all of these books and I hope this sparks some of your interests too! If anything, finding at least one new book to fall in love with or appreciate is always a good thing. I mean – library cards are FREE – can’t hurt to go get yourself one!

Let me know what your fave book is, your reading progress this summer or anything else you want to share!

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