GR Politics // State of the City & Saving our Historic Districts

It’s Tuesday – why not get a little political, eh? 


It is important to be informed on what’s happening in the world, in our nation and especially on a micro level in our cities. It’s an election year, the media is on blast and in our faces about it every day but that also means a lot is happening in our neighborhoods and homes and we should be aware. 

I’m not gonna lie – social media saves me on keeping in the know all the time! If I didn’t follow my neighborhood council, different business associations and our lovely new mayor, Rosalynn Bliss – I wouldn’t be as informed. That being said – tonight is her first, State of the City address for GR.   The venue itself (the gorgeous Harris building on Division in the Heartside district) is full for the address tonight BUT don’t fret – it will be streaming live on Mayor Bliss’s website at 6:15pm. And if you want to weigh in on the conversation, hashtag your tweets with #stateofgr2016 

I also wanted to touch on the importance of protecting our historical districts in Grand Rapids. The beautiful buildings and houses that make up our city have a history, each a unique past and ultimately showcase the settlement and strength of GR – and that is why we need to make sure we support and save these districts.  

I posted about this on social media last week but if you haven’t heard – a bill has been proposed by Rep Afendoulis that has detrimental impact to the historical districts in Michigan. The East Hills Council of Neighbors has created this useful newsletter that goes over the details of the bill, how you can make an impact to help prevent it from passing (talk about how valued our districts are for example) and more info on the historic districts in East Hills itself. 

If you want to learn more about how GR already protects our history, check out the city’s historical preservation site

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