You can’t shoot Sunshine

Hey everyone-

After the rainy week we’ve had, a day like today (and the weatherperson’s promise of an even nicer day tomorrow) is elevating, lifting and damn right good for the soul!

There’s quite a bit going on this weekend- you can catch a Whitecaps game, check out some art downtown, celebrate the final day of Cider Week with the Downtown Market, or just get your booty outside and enjoy the glorious sun and spring weather! If you haven’t checked out’s weekend event guide, please do so! They have a wrap up of highlights going on if you’re ever curious.

Personally, I will be walking around my neighborhood today with my pup, soaking in the Vitamin D and maybe finally pulling some weeds out of my new backyard and investigate what’s popping up after all that rain!

Remember, no matter what you do today – you can’t shoot sunshine!



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