With all of the local flavor in Grand Rapids, it’s no wonder we have a variety of some pretty amazing places to brunch. I’ve been working on a (rather fun) research project the last few months and brunching it up around the city to bring you a list of places worth the list: #brunchiesgr

I’ve curated a list of above-par restaurants that offer brunch options and separated the list into three sections so you can choose the best one for your weekend tastes.

Farm to Table :: Keeping it Fresh & Local

  • Terra GR – Located in Eastown on Lake Drive, Terra offers brunch on both Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 3pm. This restaurant has built a successful and very tasteful business using only locally sourced ingredients from farms across Michigan; keeping it artisan, authentic, seasonal and healthful. With values such as this, it’s no wonder they do a bang-up job on brunch! Terra serves a special blend of Rowsters coffee, has a full bar including infused liquors, local beers and some very fresh wines on draft. Some of my favorite dishes include:
    • Daily special omelet – You cannot go wrong with this option as they are always creating something new (add Kale – it’s worth it).
    • Breakfast pizza – Smoked Saunder’s bacon, potatoes and sunny-side up eggs, anyone? Add a cold brew to make this the perfect breakfast of *local* champions!

The Omelet special with Little Rooster Wild Rice & Onion Bread (and a side of Saunder’s bacon)

  • Grove – One of the best”Earth to Table Dining” restaurants on Cherry Streat in East Hills now offers brunch on Sundays from 11am – 3pm. Besides having creative brunch dishes and add on “snacks,” the prices are very affordable for a Sunday brunch date – even with an added mimosa or one of the many gorgeously created craft cocktails available. The menu has some delish staples – like the Monte Cristo sandwich and Beet Salad – but the majority of the menu items vary slightly with what’s in season and available. Every time I visit, I make sure to try whatever they’ve assembled that week for the Hush Puppies and if you can get it, the Milk Bread – goat cheese, fresh herbs and some smashed peas – it’s to die for (even if it’s not listed, try asking to see if they can create something similar – you won’t regret it).
The Milk Bread & Mimosa

The Milk Bread & Mimosa

The Beet Salad

The Beet Salad

  • The Old Goat – Located on Eastern Street in the Alger Heights neighborhood, offers Sunday Brunch from 11am – 4pm. The Old Goat is owned by the same masterminds that created The Electric Cheetah and Uncle’s Cheetah’s Soup Shop on Wealthy Street in Eastown. Keeping with the same eclectic and fresh, funky restaurant flair, this restaurant has some creative (and creatively named) choices for brunch. One of my favorites is the Goat in the Barnyard Shoo-Fly Shoo – a fluffy omelet with some roasted veggies and dill havarti cheese. If you’re not so much an egg person for breakfast, sweet options include the French Goat Toast, The Bananas Foster (a play on a chocolate croissant dish) or perhaps the Jambalaya or Veggie Hash dish might strike your fancy! The restaurant also offers some fantastic cocktail specials for brunch and of course wine and beer.

Goat in the Barnyard Shoo-Fly Shoo Omelet

Diner :: Wakey, Wakey Eggs & Bakey

  • Anna’s House – Open early from 6am – 4pm, this powerhouse restaurant has four locations in the West Michigan area (two in GR) and has major design homage to mid-century diners and a killer menu to match! You can pretty much order any combination of breakfast and brunch comfort food here from fried chicken and waffles, eggs / toast / bacon any which way, burgers and fries and some innovation breakfast concoctions as well. Plus – they serve up breakfast options all day making this the perfect brunch location to get your diner on. Some of my favorites from this restaurant include:
    • The Hippie Hash on the House Bowls Menu – This dish has the right combination of root vegetables, rice, sprouts and some poached eggs on top!
    • Red Velvet Pancakes – Need I say more? This generous dish is made from scratch and comes with a dollop of butter cream frosting on top – sweet tooth’s delight!
Photo Courtesy of Anna's House

Photo Courtesy of Anna’s House

  • Cherie Inn – This restaurant has been a GR staple since 1924 and is housed in a 100 year old building with original character still in tact. Cherie Inn has continued to served the Fairmount Square Historic District on Cherry Street for decades and almost always has a line (so get there early or closer to closing time but the wait is worth it if you fancy sleeping in). You can get breakfast here any day during the week but it’s a perfect, diner brunch option that has a charming, cafe – small town feel complete with fresh flowers on each table and exceptional service. Open hours on Saturday and Sunday are from 8am – 2pm. Some of the best plates I’ve ordered here are Eggs Benedict creations – most notably my faves have been Eggs Florentine and the Crab Cakes Benedict – hollandaise sauce for the win! If that’s not your thing, here are some other great options to try out (don’t forget to ask for the specials or
    • Lake Drive Omelet – Named after one of the most recognizable streets in Uptown, this omelet includes a plethora of veggies and a generous helping of cheese.
    • Almond Joy Pancakes – Coconut, chocolate and almonds – just like the candy bar!
    • Signature Sausage Bake – If garlic is your thing and you are a meat eater – well, this is an add-on you need to purchase with your meal!
Photo Courtesy of Cherie Inn

Photo Courtesy of Cherie Inn

  • Wolfgang’s Restaurant – Self-proclaimed the best breakfast in Grand Rapids, this Eastown restaurant always has a flock of people waiting in line to get their classic, breakfast food fix! The building has been around since 1900 – the restaurant house in an old trolley barn as part of the old Reeds Lake Railroad Company who built rail lines back and forth from downtown to Uptown. You can enjoy breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 7am – 4pm and can choose any of the classics from omelets to pancakes to traditional breakfast dishes like corned beef hash; all for a very reasonable price. I like to try the Hall of Fame favorites like the Max Wolfgang, a scramble dish with with kalamata olives, spinach, tomato, and feta cheese (perfect for Mediterranean self). There’s some fantastic bakery options and breakfast burritos – a little something for everyone.
Photo Courtesy of Wolfgang's

Photo Courtesy of Wolfgang’s

Wild Cards :: (un) traditional & oh so, delicious

  • Donkey Taqueria – Yes, you can have your margaritas and breakfast nachos together! Donkey – a traditional style Mexican taqueria on Wealthy Street – has been serving up brunch on Saturdays and Sunday for a while now and besides eating your taco-loving heart out, there are some awesome brunch options to indulge in. Firstly, always see what the weekend features are (Donkey does not lack in creativity here), but the current menu for brunch offers items like the Burrito Mojado – loaded with chicken, chorizo, scrambled eggs and deliciousness or the Mexican toast sticks (churros meets french toast, anyone?) or make it simple with an avocado and lime and fried egg. The restaurant opens at 10am on the weekends so why not try this out as your next brunch spot?***Bonus: AM Yoga is partnering with Donkey (first class started today) to bring the community $6 morning yoga classes at 8:30am every Sunday located outside the restaurant through 8/28! 
Breakfast nachos for the win!

Breakfast nachos for the win!

  • San Chez Bistro The only authentic, tapas style restaurant in GR does an unparalleled brunch. Open 8am – 2pm for brunch, you can enjoy a wide range of omelets, breakfast hash options, an expansive breakfast entree list and some tapas for lunch! They also have a ton of different ways you can drink and order your coffee with your meal and of course, all the fixins for your weekend bloody’s and a full, indulgent drink list. I really enjoy the build-your-own omelet option because I tend to be indecisive with the ingredients in my egg dishes and they have some fine and fresh meat/fish and veggie options for the B.Y.O.
Photo Courtesy of San Chex

Photo Courtesy of San Chez

  • Social Kitchen & Bar – Speaking of build-your-own, this restaurant in the Downtown Market offers the Social Skillet – a build your own skillet with an insane amount of options (all included for a total of $12 – minus a few meat add-ons)! Brunch is served up on Saturday from 11am-3pm and Sunday from 9am-3pm an also includes some fresh, salad options, comfort foods like waffles and egg sandwiches and also features quality organic teas, great coffee and a full bar service. After you enjoy brunch, you can browse the market with the whole fam! If you want to learn more about this restaurant as a whole – head to my previous post: Restaurant Spotlight: Social Kitchen and Bar Grand Rapids.
Build-your-own Skillet!

Build-your-own Skillet!

Now, this is not an all expansive list for places to brunch or get your Bloody Mary on in the Greater Grand Rapids area but I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading my curated list! Let me know what you think and where you like to get your brunch on in GR. When you do brunch, use the hashtag: #brunchiesgr and #grabgr with permission to repost your delicious brunch meal!



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