Brewery Spotlight: Saugatuck Brewing Company & Barrel Aged Bootleg Bash

A couple weeks ago I attended the Saugatuck Brewing Company 2nd Annual Barrel Aged Bootleg Bash and I had a blast – just another testament to this cool, laid-back, lakeshore town brewery!

Main entrance of the brewery – patio season is finally upon us!

I find myself visiting SBC quite a lot in the summer. It’s close to the area I spend a lot of weekends at, geographically located well with proximity to South Haven (also not too far from GR) and is just a really nice change of pace from my weekday haunts. And, did I mention I love the beer (of all varietals)? True there are some I love more than others – like the delicious, BA Neopolitan stout – but give me a juicy, Starburst wheat and I will gladly sip every drop!

Enjoyed the sunshine, barrel aged beers and hanging in the brewery!

The Barrel Aged Bootleg bash celebrates beer that even the pickiest, beer city geek can get behind or at least can take home some brews and trade for later (you know who are, beer share friends). At the event, I was able to taste some familiar barrel aged goodies and some awesome new ones like the Piquant Penguin sour ale that I happily brought two bottles home with me. If you want to read more about the recap of this event – head right over to SBC’s blog!

Here are some more pictures from my time at the event:

Personal fave – Piquant Penguin sour ale

Checked out the brew equipment – makes me feel tiny!

Chatted with the wonderful, former SBC employee who volunteered at the event (find him now at Virtue Cider)!

Ron, the head brewer at SBC puts up these amazing quotes!

Just waiting for the good stuff to be distributed to a store near you!

If you haven’t stopped into the brewery yet, this spring and summer would be a perfect time to check it out! SBC seems to have more and more events happening – like paint and pours and Saturday night live music – and in addition to tasting their beer and great pub menu, you can also become a brewmaster and brew your own beer! How cool is that? Check out how you can brew your own beer and SBC’s calendar of events to plan your trip.

Hope you all enjoyed learning a bit more about SBC! Keep up to date through their website and go follow them on Facebook and Instagram. I hope to run into you at SBC this summer. 🍺

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