Beer Plug: KBS Week 2016

Photo courtesy of Founders Brewing Company

That’s right my craft beer aficionados, KBS Week is beginning tomorrow through this upcoming Saturday, 3/12.

Unless you’ve been living under a domestic beer rock, you’ve heard of KBS, felt the hype behind this highly acclaimed brew or at least know of Grand Rapids’ most prominent craft brewery that came up with the recipe, Founders. But, just in case you don’t know what KBS stands for – Kentucky Breakfast Stout – and it is a deliciously smooth, full mouthed, chocolately, coffee in your face imperial stout aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. In other words, highly sought after and consumed by thousands of adoring fans.


There’s a lot in store around town this week to celebrate this great 6 days for craft beer lovers; including specialty tappings at local restaurants and bars like Hopcat’s KBS launch party tomorrow starting at 5pm and of course the Founders taproom bottle release on Saturday. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already purchased your ticket for the bottle release it is already sold out (I didn’t make it in time to get one either, so if you have one…congratulations, I’m jealous).

Don’t worry though, Founders will be pouring KBS all day at the taproom on Saturday! And if you weren’t planning on trying KBS, do yourself a favor and just do it. You will not regret the decision (well, they are strong so any decisions made after drinking some KBS you will have to be accountable for)!

Check out Founders official list here for tappings of KBS this week and to read more about the specs of KBS, head over to their designated beer page here.

Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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