Beer Plug: BV’s Keymaster of Gose

Photo Courtesy of Brewery Vivant

It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of Brewery Vivant and you can find me there frequently. I also happen to love Gose style beers. Today – the first ever Gose from BV: Keymaster of Gose – is being released on tap and in cans! This gal = pumped!

Gose (pronounced “goes-suh” – thanks Master Bates for helping me finally be able to pronounce this right) is an old style, wheat sour originating from Germany and brewed with sea salt and coriander spice. Sours are also my jam but the great part about a Gose is it’s lower on the acidic level and it’s a great, warm-weather, lower ABV (alcohol by volume) beer; with BV’s coming in at a cool, 3.8%.

Founders Brewing Company did a version of this in the tap room only earlier this summer, Short’s Brewing Company produced a Gose for Cinco de Mayo called, “Ocho de Mayo” that was brewed with citrus (it was delicious and refreshing – HopCat had it on tap for a while) and many breweries across the country are stepping up with their own versions of the Gose and I am all about it! Check out Beer Advocate’s expansive list of Gose in the world.

Who’s ready to go to the Gose? Try this one, local craft beer lovin’ friends! And don’t forget to buy your BV Wood Aged Barrel Fest tickets – happening 9/17 this year.

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