ArtPrize Eight 9.21-10.9 // What you need to Know

It’s that time a year again in Grand Rapids – a buzz of curiosity, an influx of exciting tourism and a voting democracy at its artistic finest kicks off today through October 9th. In its eighth year, ArtPrize has come a long way from its debut in 2009 but is still recognized as the most attended public event on the planet, attracting more than 400,000 visitors! If you don’t know much about ArtPrize yet, I would highly suggest heading over to the About page on the official event website to truly get a feel for the event and past years.

2011 HopCat Venue - Kate Selvidge artist entry (also happens to be my talented sister)

2011 HopCat Venue – Kate Selvidge (my talented sister) artist entry “Boundless”

Maybe you’ve already been enjoying some sneak previews at venues that opted in for Preview Week this past week or maybe tonight is the first night you are getting started on your ArtPrize adventure. The next ten days are going to be all about this event in GR, so I want to leave you with some tips, awesome resources you can use to vote and what you can expect downtown during ArtPrize Eight.

Helpful Resources to Navigate:

  • The ArtPrize App – This is singlehandedly the best, most resourceful (and free) download you can use on your mobile phone during ArtPrize. You can discover what events are happening during the event, view a map of all of the 170 participating venues so you can easily navigate your way around downtown, read up on all of the artist entries and venues and hubs and the most magnificent and convenient part – register to vote and complete your voting. You do have to be in the geographical limits of the ArtPrize map (and make sure when you download it, you allow access for your location) and bam! A little pop will say you are ready to register! Once registered, you can start voting today at noon.

Voting screen from the ArtPrize App

  • ArtClub – ArtClub is a membership (with tiered) options that helps to celebrate and support the event for future generations to come; being that ArtPrize is a non-profit organization the support is very much needed and clearly – deeming by all of the visitors and fun, art exploration time – well worth the membership. There are a ton of benefits and swag that go along with joining and you can sign up and read all about it here.
  • The ArtPrize Blog – Well, of course we all stay-up-to-date on blogs, right? The official ArtPrize blog is not only visually appealing but there is a great team of people working behind the scenes to keep you informed about all of the events before and during the event and digging deeper into the venues, creation and thought behind the event. You can also sign up for email newsletters if you’d like to get all of this information in your inbox.

Cool & Worthy ArtPrize Extras: 

  • #FoundersKeepers Founders Brewing Company is bringing back it’s trendy, scavenger hunt geared toward social media users in hopes of gaining free merchandise and yes, free beer! On your ArtPrize entry hunt, also be on the look out for the Founders Tins (with the Founders logo) and if you find one, upload a picture of you and the tin to social media (Twitter or Instagram) tagging #ArtPrize8, #FoundersKeepers and the neighborhood you found it in. You get to keep the tin and will win a $25 Founders giftcard! Now that is a 2016 game I can get down with. Read all of rules and more information here.
Look for the tins! Photo courtesy of ArtPrize and Founders Brewing Co.

Look for the tins! Photo courtesy of ArtPrize and Founders Brewing Co.

  • AM + ArtPrize Eight Yoga – These Yogis seem to be holding yoga poses all over the city and are offering a few community yoga classes specifically for ArtPrize. You can sign up here and sign up for the mailing list to have information like this delivered to your inbox:
    • 108 Sun Salutations at Rosa Parks Circle (Kicking off ArtPrize)
      Thursday September, 22nd 5:45 pm
    • GRAM Meditations
      Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd, and Saturday 24th  10-10:15 am
    • Gillette Bridge Meditation (Closing out ArtPrize)
      Sunday October, 9th 5:00 pm

Hopefully, this information will assist you in your ArtPrize Eight journey – and maybe some comfortable walking shoes if you plan on packing a whole bunch in one day or are visiting from out of town. 

What are you most looking forward to this ArtPrize season? Hope to see you out there visiting those venues and voting!

Cheers to ArtPrize 8!





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