Ageless Beauty Salon in Eastown now Offering Fire & Ice Facial

Ageless Beauty salon in Eastown is the first skin and day spa in West Michigan to offer the Fire & Ice facial; a clinically active treatment designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I had my first Fire & Ice facial last week and I am very pleased with the results!

I have been seeing Nikki at Ageless Beauty for almost two years now for regular sugaring treatments and I have been very satisfied with the results, the salon’s pricing and impressed with the amount of skincare treatment options available (I’ve mentioned the salon in a past Holiday Gift Guide post). 

Nikki’s Room at Ageless Beauty – relaxing and inviting

I am a huge advocate of optimal skincare and treat my own face at home with regular cleansing, facial masks, and exfoliating scrubs to get the most out of my at home routine. I also love trying new regimens and products; especially when it comes to anti-aging and keeping the ingredients as natural as possible. 

The Fire & Ice Facial hits both of those buckets and only takes about thirty minutes from start to finish. Since experiencing the facial, I’ve had multiple coworkers and even my regular hair stylist compliment me on my skin.

From top left and down: 1. Pre-facial, 2. Resurfacing Mask, 3. Rejuvenating Mask, 4. Post-facial

The facial is a fantastic alternative to a chemical peel as it yields instant results and is a “one size fits all” for skin types. The four core steps of the Fire & Ice Facial are: 

  1. A cleansing treatment – A very soft and mild cleanser that removes any makeup and dirt, prepping the skin for the first mask. 
  2. The resurfacing mask (fire) – Packed with warming pumpkin and cinnamon, this 8 minute mask is pumped with glycolic acid and you can feel the heat reaching each pore to rid your skin of bacteria. This step not only left my face smelling delicious (even after all the steps) but works with your skin to help fade sun damage and smooth out fine lines. The mask is also packed with green tea, niacin and skin loving botanicals. 
  3. Another cleansing treatment – After the resurfacing mask is taken off, your pores will continue to feel some very warm tingles and this cleansing step helps to neutralize and prep the skin for the next mask. 
  4. The rejuvenating mask (ice) – Packed with antioxidants and hyluronic acid, this  healing mask is a cooling gel. My face felt very refreshed and cool during this step. The hyrulonic acid helps to promote skin rejuvenation (rate of cellular skin turnover – fantastic for anti-aging) and my skin soaked this up after the tingling sensation from the resurfacing treatment. 

After these steps, a cooling serum and an healing serum are applied to the face before sealing it all in with an SPF 30 moisturizer. 

I was honestly shocked that after only 30 minutes my skin went through the multiprocess steps and wasn’t beet red! You can literally feel all of the acids and natural product complexes going to work on your skin during the facial. 

I’ve been enjoying minimal foundation, acne trouble spots drying up and a more even skin texture since the facial!

Ageless Beauty is booking Fire & Ice facials now and you can try yours out for $10 off the regular price of $75 when you mention GrabGR at the time of booking. Offer is only valid when you book this month (appointment does not have to be in March). 

For the amount of work the products do on your skin, the facial is already reasonably priced – at $65 bucks it’s a wonderful deal! You should definitely take advantage of this offer. And if you do go, please let me know what you think and how much your skin thanked you. I’ll definitely be going back for another one! 

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