Celebrating my wedding day at one of my favorite local breweries, Brewery Vivant

One more way I try to keep it local: Celebrating my wedding day at one of my favorite local breweries in Uptown, Grand Rapids – Brewery Vivant. (May 2016 – photo courtesy of Paul Bomers Photography)

Hey there! I’m Maya, a former Grand Rapids resident who loves this Michigan beer city so much and misses visiting old haunts (like Brewery Vivant from the photo above). However, in June 2017 I moved with my husband and our lovely dog, Marius to an equally as awesome city – Seattle. My goal is to create a similar site about my new home. For now – while I am venturing around and discovering new content – please give my GrabSeattle Instagram page some love and keep updated on my Emerald City adventures. I’ve also being working really hard on my personal portfolio/blog merger at www.mayadavid.com if you’re interested in taking a peek.

GrabGR is a creative child of mine and I cannot give this baby up. The content will still live here and I am not opposed to finding some talented writers or content creators to keep it afloat. For now, the content will live on in cyberspace. If you find yourself here, I hope you find this site informative and interesting but what I hope for more is that you are truly experiencing GR and grabbing yourself a piece of that beautiful city. 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

❤️ Maya


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